The team


Marek Flisiński

He is truly passionate about fine dining, fully devoted to his job, talented and creative. In his kitchen reign seasonal, natural products from trusted suppliers from the region. He had a chance to learn from and work together with the top of the tops, among others with Terry Giacomello. During his traineeship in Italy he was able to discover the secrets of the modern culinary techniques, which, at that time, were either unknown in Poland or just started to slowly gain shape in the avant-garde of Polish gastronomy. This passion to try the new still guides him. At Water&Wine he creates new projects, crucial for the restaurant development and sets directions for creating new recipes, all depending on the product seasonality.

Kamil Raczyński

A young and very talented cook. He gained his knowledge and qualifications learning from the best professionals, both in Poland and abroad – including Paul Bocuse culinary institute in Lyon and Reiterzimmer restaurant at the Alpenhof Murnau hotel in Bavaria. Since 2015 he has been working as Sous Chef at the Water&Wine restaurant concept. He is passionate about following and researching most interesting novelties in the gastronomy market from around the world. He is a creator of new recipes and unusual flavour combinations.

Michał Krzysiak

He mostly gained his experience abroad. He started in Switzerland, the cradle of confectionery, later he worked in a star-awarded restaurant Casa Jose in Spain, then he moved to Edinburgh. In Poland he used to work at Odette confectionery. After returning to his homeland of Sadurki, he started discovering the local flavours anew, and now he introduces them into our menu.

Mateusz Stefaniak

Involved in the Water & Wine concept since 2016. He took interest in the traditional cuisine already at home, he gained experience in restaurants specialised in regional flavours. He is an expert in soups, stocks, pickles and all kinds of preserves. He is passionate about picking herbs, which give our food a unique character.

Ewelina Łebkowska

Young, energetic, passionate about fine-dining. The only woman in the team. Graduate of the University of Physical Education. Her passion for cooking started when she was a student, inspired by the new flavours she discovered during her distant travels. She continuously develops her knowledge thanks to internships at top world restaurants, e.g. in the USA. At Water & Wine she is responsible for bookings and taking care of the restaurant’s guests.

Piotr Kamecki. Sommelier

For many years he had been president of the Wine Centre Board.Winner of Polish Sommelier Championship in 1998, finalist of the European Best Sommelier Competitionin Reims 1998 and World’s Best Sommelier Competition in Montreal 2000. He is President of the Polish Association of Sommeliers, former member of the Didactic Commission of the World’s Sommelier Association, partner in Winokolekcja company, owner of Wine Taste by Kamecki.