Droga mleczna (Milky Way)

Ania Łuczywek and Rafał Duszyński moved out of the city few years ago to live close to the nature and live of what they produce themselves. Today they own a lovely farm, with several hectares of land near Kazimierz, a small herd of dairy cattle of Jersey breed and cheese and yoghurt manufacture, the products of which win the hearts and palates of Polish dairy gourmets.


Ekological Portobello Mushrooms from Dąbrówka

Dorota and Tomasz Grela cultivate in Dąbrówka brown portobello mushrooms (crimini) as well as other more exotic mushrooms used in fine dining such as: oyster mushrooms, golden oyster mushrooms, eryngi, nameko, shitake or bearded tooth mushroom. They offer excellent, high quality, fresh mushrooms from their certified ecological culture


Skarby Natury – the Treasures of Nature – Oils from Zabłocie

Jolanta and Eligiusz Pecio have always had an oil press machine at home. In the past it had been used by their parents and grandparents. It was five years ago that they decided to share with other people the excellent, fresh, very healthy cold-pressed oils made of the grains from their own crops. This is how Skarby Natury (The Treasures of Nature) was born. Today they have over dozen oils in their offer (among them oils made of mustard seeds, nigella, pumpkin, silybum, rape, flax or oenothera), as well as milled flax seeds, grass pea and flours from ancient grains. Mrs. Jolanta also runs educational workshops for school and kindergarten children.



Sensual is an artistic ceramics studio which designs unique vessels for everyday use, such as platters, bowls and plates, but also sculptures. Their works were presented, among others, at the International Biennale of Ceramics in Spain and Austria. The studio was established in 2007 and it is run by Katarzyna and Arek. Katarzyna completed graphic design studies with ceramics faculty and used to work at professor Adam Myjak’s workshop, at the Institute of Fine Arts in Lublin. She admires the Japanese art, a fascination which is well reflected in the Sensual projects. Arek is a real beauty amateur and he is responsible for the technical questions, both at the studio and in the boutique. Sensual collaborates with our restaurant, designing unique, custom-made vessels for our chef. Since this year they have also been running their boutique in Kazimierz Dolny in Lubelska 11 street, where they display their vessels. Their mission is to raise the awareness that the living space can be filled with beautiful objects.


Żeby Kózka

Żeby Kózka farm is located in Celejów near Kazimierz Dolny, far from traffic routes, by the woods and surrounding ravines. The owners have been breeding goats since 2010. They concentrate on ethic breeding and natural forage. They love their job and truly put their hearts to it. In the winter the goats are fed with grains and hay, while in the summer they additionally spend the entire days in the pastures grazing grass. Żeby Kózka produces excellent yoghurts, cottage cheese and ripened cheese with a nutty flavour. They are all local, authentic and of highest quality.


In a picturesque countryside area, just by the side of the forest, Ryszard Kraciuk together with his family have found their place on Earth. The ancient manor together with a distillery has become a place where they both live and work. They lead a life according to the rhythm of nature and they also apply her laws in the way they go about animal breeding and culture. Thanks to this approach they make highest quality products. Their farm covers the area of 270 ha where they keep fish ponds, fallow deer, deer, Silesian horses and meat cattle of Limousine and Aberdeen Angus breed.